Wholesome Child

Wholesome Child Partnership

Journey Early Learning has launched a new partnership with Wholesome Child.

The partnership between Journey and Wholesome Child is to introduce and ensure our children are getting the most nutritious balanced meals daily. We want to promote the growth and development of children, as well as teaching children, families and educators healthy eating habits.

Lead paediatric nutritionist, Mandy Sacher, CEO of Wholesome Child has designed custom seasonal menus for Journey centres ensuring that all children receive fresh, nutritious and balanced meals every day.

We praise ourselves on providing a personalised experience to everyone, EVERYDAY, and feel this partnership will add to the overall experience to our families and children.

This partnership will not only see new menus with a focus on nutrient rich balanced meals, we will also educate families, children and educators on the benefits of healthy eating with regular blogs and communication from Wholesome Child.

Whenever children gather to eat and drink, it becomes an opportunity for social interactions and language development. Our educators create a relaxed and home-like atmosphere while ensuring that the nutritional value of the meal meets the child’s needs.

Contact your friendly Centre Manager to chat further about Wholesome Child and how eating balanced, nutritious and fresh meals each day can assist with the growth and development of your child.