Fees & Inclusions

Fees & Inclusions

Parents are informed of daily fees when enrolling their child into our care. Fees are charged according to the child’s room. Parents are advised in writing of any changes to fee charges.

A full daily fee is charged regardless of the number of hours your child attends. Fees are required to be paid by direct debit from a nominated bank account or by credit card. Direct Debit or Credit Card Authorisation Forms are to be completed upon enrolment to ensure billing can be taken care of in the most efficient way.

Government Assistance

There are two types of government funded benefits available to parents of children in day care: the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and the Child Care Rebate (CCR).

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Invoiced fees are debited, from a nominated bank account or credit card (Every Friday) plus any outstanding balance including additional casual days taken, previous debit declines (plus dishonour fees) and CCB and CCR adjustments. Parents are asked to keep the centre updated with current details and authorities to allow fees to be processed accurately.

Fees & Other Charges

  • Fees are to be paid in advance every 2 weeks
  • Repeated late payment may result in a child’s position at the Centre being cancelled.


A deposit of $200 is required upon enrolment (calculated without child care benefit being deducted).

This deposit is non-refundable if the booking is cancelled such as if the child leaves the centre or fails to start. Your bond will be returned to you 2 weeks after your child’s final day.

If you have any queries in relation to billing, do not hesitate to contact our Centre Manager, or click here to view our Fee Terms and Conditions.