Our Playspaces

Our Playspaces

Journey Early Learning Centre – Berwick has 4 rooms, each catering for different ages and levels of development. All of our rooms follow a carefully developed program to encourage experiences, learning opportunities, interactions and meals that each child will experience throughout the day. These programs reflect individual children’s needs, abilities and interests and have been developed to enhance all areas of their development.

Puggles – Nursery 0-2 years

The Puggles room is a very special place at Journey Early Learning. This small, homely room provides care for up to 8 babies and has a warm and loving atmosphere.

Educators strive to create loving and nurturing bonds with all children in their care and to ensure individual needs and routines are met. We take time to understand each child’s home routine such as sleep and bottle times, and incorporate these in to our programs to ensure a smooth transition from home to our care.

We understand that children learn and develop through play. Educators provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences to strengthen and extend on all children’s skills and interests.

We believe communication is the most important tool to develop and maintain strong and trustworthy relationships between Educators and families. We use a wide range of methods to communicate within the room, such as verbal communication, emails, telephone calls and communication books. We believe it is important for parents to contribute to the Puggles room and we welcome any and all input from families.

We also record and display all information relating to sleep, feeding and toileting, so that parents can be accurately informed of their child’s routine for the day.

Koalas – Toddlers 2-3 years

The Koalas room provides all children with a stimulating learning environment which promotes curiosity, enthusiasm, independence and developmental growth. Educators provide children with learning experiences to strengthen all areas of development, including wellbeing and communication.

These experiences are founded from children’s individual needs, interests, skills and current knowledge. With the guidance of our qualified and experienced Educators, children are encouraged to become independent by making choices, dressing themselves and making healthy food choices. Educators encourage children to initiate play with others, make positive choices and to begin to manage their own behavior through the use of communication skills.

In this room, children are provided with both structured and unstructured play experiences, incorporating children’s interests, intentional teaching and spontaneous play.

The Educators in our Koalas room encourage parent and family input into the program provided to the children and welcome all and any feedback. The Educators understand the importance of developing strong partnerships with families to provide a high quality of care and education to all children.

Wombats – Pre-Kinder 3-4 years

The Educators in the Wombats room strive to create a warm, welcoming and stimulating environment for all children. The Wombats room has a flexible routine which allows for children to engage in a range of learning experiences both indoors and outdoors. These experiences are specifically designed to meet and extend all children’s needs, interests, skills and current knowledge.

The Educators use both structured and unstructured play and learning experiences, incorporating intentional teaching, spontaneous play and parent input, to strengthen and extend children’s development.

The Educators in the Wombats room believe that children learn best through play and it is such play experiences combined with a range of group times, that foster a love of learning and help all children to be successful learners now and in the future. It is through the participation in these learning experiences that children acquire the ability to work and play cooperatively with peers, to follow instructions and to respect others around them.

Educators encourage children in the Wombats room to develop and strengthen their independence through making choices, contributing ideas and to manage their own behavior using their communication and negotiating skills.

Kookaburras – Kindergarten 4-5 years

The Kookaburras room provides an approved government funded Kindergarten Program for children aged four to five years old. This program meets all government guidelines to ensure that children are ready for their transition to prep.

Our Kindergarten program is delivered Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm by an experienced and Bachelor Qualified Early Childhood Teacher.

Our Kindergarten program is play based as we believe that children learn best this way. Through the play based program, children are exposed to and explore a range of structured and unstructured learning experiences that focus on children’s social and emotional well-being, reading and writing skills and the development of communication skills.

In the Kookaburras room children are encouraged to be self-sufficient, resilient and develop a positive sense of self. Social and problem solving skills are considered an essential part of our Kindergarten program and children are taught to respect themselves and others in preparation for their transition into the school setting.

The Kookaburra room Educators provide children with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve their best when undergoing the transition to school. Educators support both children and parents during this transition and provide parents with a transition statement at the end of the year.